XL Bath Bombs weighting ~6.25 oz.

XL Bath Bombs weighting ~6.25 oz.

Ella's all started .....

In the spring of 2017. I was given a school assignment to make a "How To" presentation on something I wanted to learn about. Well, the only thing I could think of was "How to Make Bath Bombs".

I researched online and found many recipes and ideas to complete my presentation, but I really wanted to actually make them. Unfortunately, some ingredients are not easily found locally, but I eventually convinced my mom to let me try and make some.

The first several tries were a disaster, but I told my mom if we got this right maybe I could sell some. So, we worked on getting a formula that was pretty good, but not always consistent in the results.

Then some friends from my mom's work offered to buy them as door gifts for a wedding shower and baby shower. That was the start of a business. As the months went by we continually perfected the formula to get more consistent results.

Now, at just 16, I am making and selling custom bath bombs in local stores and online through my dad's business as Ella's.